Roofing Insulation And Its Importance

Roofing insulation has been important for homes and buildings in cold countries, but today it is a unique way to make buildings energy efficient across the world. With rising energy costs most building owners look for ways to reduce energy costs and bills from rising. Older homes have fiberglass based roofing materials that have offered standard insulation properties. Today, fiberglass is not the best option to consider as it contains formaldehyde that is a toxic and carcinogenic substance. As a result, there are other insulation materials that have come in vogue which are more eco-friendly as well as healthy for the buildings as well as for the environment.

Roofing Insulation

Eco-friendly insulation products

When you employ a roofer to insulate your roof, either for the first time or for replacing old insulation materials, ensure that eco-friendly insulation materials are used. One popular option is a cellulose fiber that is recycled and used as roofing insulation material. Recycled cellulose fiber is made from recycled paper products like old newspaper and others. Though this might be a more expensive product to use as compared to traditional insulation materials, the insulation quality is higher as the R value is higher of such insulation products. The recycled cellulose fiber is added to a roof area as insulation material with a compressed air blowing device. The material is first treated with boric acid, which makes the insulation material resistant to mildew and fire. The insulation material helps to deaden out external sounds as well as repels vermins and prevents pests from eating into such materials.

Other insulation material options

Among other insulation material options for roofing that are eco-friendly choices, recycled denim is one such category to opt for. Cotton wastes and denim fabrics that are discarded are eco-friendly and recyclable products that prove to be perfect choices as roofing insulation. Indeed, recycled denim in rolls as well as loose and blown in versions are also easy to install as insulation for roofs. The materials need to be treated with a boric acid that helps to repel bugs and rodents as well as make the insulation materials fire retardant.

Sheep’s wool is another ideal insulation material, though it is expensive. If you have old sheep’s wool that is lying around as waste materials, use them to insulate your roof and for other constructions where you need to create an insulating barrier. The material has natural insulation properties which make it retardant to the flames as well as moisture. It also lasts for long, as an insulation material which can be reused again.

When a roofer is offering you options in insulation materials for your roof, simply ensure that you do not go for the cheapest option without considering the adverse effects of chemicals that it contains that can contaminate the surrounding environment as well as your home.